Daily Analyst

A Non-Debate

By S. Trifkovic (Chronicles)
Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012


“Obama and Romney Bristle From Start Over Foreign Policy,” The New York Times reported on the debate in Boca Raton on October 22. But as Chronicles' Foreign Affairs Editor notes, we were treated to a vacuous, choreographed, and scripted conversation instead.

The Trials of Trifkovic

By Thomas Fleming
Wednesday, 26 Sep 2012

Chronicles' distinguished foreign affairs editor has a way of exciting controversy. Often the cause is his view of Islam. 

Fallout from the "Politika" Defamation Case

By Editors
Sunday, 23 Sep 2012

On September 22 Politika published a fictitious "Denial by Dr. Srdja Trifkovic" -- an excerpt from The Lord Byron Foundation statement on the affair, taken out of context -- in spite of Dr. Trifkovic's insistence, in a letter to the paper's editor (Sept. 20), that he wanted nothing published under his name in its pages. In the meantime we have received copies of dozens of letters sent to Politika about the case; none have been published. Two eloquent examples follow.

Trifkovic Slandered by the Leading Serbian Daily "Politika"

By The Lord Byron Foundation
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012




On September 20, 2012, the leading Serbian daily newspaper Politika published a prominently positioned op-ed article in the "Outside Views" section by Dimitrije Vojnov [L.], hitherto known as a minor actor and film critic. The article is criminally slanderous of Srdja Trifkovic.

"Independent" Kosovo: Gangland Spills Savagery Worldwide

By Anna Filimonova
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012

The Western power centers use the "Republic of Kosovo" as a testing ground for working out the ways to create a quasi-state that could be defined as an abnormal criminal case of global scope. The final goal is reshaping the whole of South East Europe. (www.strategic-culture.org)

The Arab Spring Shows Its Face

By Srdja Trifkovic
Thursday, 20 Sep 2012

The Arab Spring has shown its true face. Ambassador Christopher Stevens did not create it, but he was directly involved in helping unleash the dormant monster which destroyed him. Every actor in the U.S. foreign policy-making establishment is responsible.