8 Bathroom Mirror Ideas You Might Not Have Thought Of

Bathrooms can be found in all shapes and sizes, which can lead to some enjoyable — and to some frustrating problems. If you’re having difficulty coming up with the ideal bathroom mirror, attempt reflecting on the complying with out-of-the-ordinary concepts. They just might spark a beneficial suggestion for your room.

In front of a window – Bathroom Mirror

In front of a window
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Mirrors are a need for any kind of morning routine, and mounting them in home window coverings is a terrific method to liberate wall room. If your bathroom format does not provide itself to expansion, fitting in a bigger shower or a freestanding bathtub as well as shower isn’t always feasible. However opening up the room to a more creative layout like placing the mirrors on a window wall frees up wall area to allow for a possibly far better space arrangement.

As an example, If your vanity area as well as shower get on the very same wall surface, you couldn’t increase the shower without reducing the vanity. Nonetheless, moving the vanity to a wall surface with home windows may maximize space to integrate a bigger shower area as well as still enable keeping the vanity storage area.

Functions finest with: All styles

Pros: This is a wonderful service for areas with restricted wall room. It additionally enables an extra excellent room format. And also, it’s a creative method to dress up the average window.

Disadvantages: It’s difficult to discover mirror-mounting equipment, and your mirror dimension might be restricted depending upon your window dimension.


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Just what to do when there isn’t wall surface, much less a home window wall, for mirrors? Consider putting on hold a mirror from a cable system. It’s wonderful for conserving room, and the look really feels right in your home in minimal washrooms.

Suspended mirrors are a service generally made use of in tiny or oddly shaped washrooms where placing the vanity versus a wall isn’t really a choice. This is sometimes the instance in apartments as well as apartments inside old buildings that were exchanged living rooms.

Functions finest with: Industrial, minimalist, contemporary and also diverse styles.

Pros: The supreme no-wall-space option, it permits even more layout options since the vanity is not restricted to a wall. This mirror positioning likewise gives the illusion of personal privacy in a huge area and permits back-to-back plumbing configurations to take full advantage of vanity area.

Disadvantages: Mounting can be tough as well as must be done by an expert to make certain the mirror and also installing equipment are both protected. Likewise, a custom-size mirror, which could be pricey, typically is needed for this application to take full advantage of the room without using up way too much or insufficient of it. This service could likewise give the illusion of much less area in a tiny area.

Wraparound – Bathroom Mirror

Celia James

The inverse of the put on hold mirror remedy is the wraparound. It’s an useful way to bring the impression of room into a little bathroom in addition to more usable mirror space, as well as it’s an imaginative wallcovering.

These mirrors are typically custom-cut for each and every space to permit the wall-to-wall look. They are safeguarded straight to the drywall or various other existing wallcovering. Reflective surfaces offer the illusion of a brighter space and the form of deepness. So they are a wonderful option for restrooms that do not have windows. It’s the best technique for tiny or windowless bathrooms.

Functions ideal with: Contemporary, modern, diverse and also transitional designs.

Pros: Even more reflection in a little bathroom makes the space seem brighter and also have extra deepness.

Disadvantages: This is a pricey personalized option as compared to various other wallcoverings, and it’s difficult to change the mirror if it obtains damaged.


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Have you ever before taken an action in reverse in your bathroom to obtain an extra full sight of your attire? In tight areas that’s not constantly doable, unless you have a rotating mirror.

These mirrors are additionally excellent for youngsters’ bathrooms, since the mirror tilt can be readjusted as they expand.

Another benefit to rotating mirrors is the depth that the mirror equipment gives, not just from an aesthetic viewpoint yet additionally for the backsplash. If the mirror is installed away from the wall surface, backsplash ceramic tile (or one more solid-surface product) can be set up behind the mirror for an added aesthetic aspect.

Functions finest with: Conventional as well as transitional designs.

Pros: The turning activity provides much more viewing area in tight spaces, such as washroom and also hallway restrooms. The mirror equipment permits a backsplash to come halfway up behind the mirror. For many home owners, this could be a DIY-friendly setup.

Cons: Be cautious inexpensive designs, whose hardware is not constantly adequate to sustain the weight of the mirror, which could cause expensive and also hazardous damage.

To avoid this, when buying a pivoting mirror (particularly when getting sight unseen), see to it to review testimonials as well as ask the supplier to ensure that the placing equipment is tough enough to hold the mirror itself. Ask about return plans and service warranties if you are still unsure. If you’re going shopping in a store, make sure the equipment really feels hefty as well as sturdy.

Layered Bathroom Mirror

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If you intend to make a large declaration, mount a mirror on top of a mirrored surface area. It’s a really stylish as well as innovative method to dress up a wall. While it might be extra pricey compared to other wallcoverings– such as drywall, wallpaper, or ceramic or porcelain floor tile– it can be cheaper or on the same level with the cost of natural rock or glass ceramic tile. Using a reflective surface instead of an absorptive surface area (drywall, wallpaper, and so on), you allow for even more light to be reflected, giving the illusion of even more light overall.

Functions ideal with: Traditional and also eclectic styles.

Pros: Layering makes an ornamental statement, and the added reflected light makes the room feel larger and also brighter.

Disadvantages: This setup is in some cases tough to tidy. And also, installment can be difficult and also expensive.

Floor to ceiling

Floor to ceiling

If you have reservations concerning placing a mirror on top of a mirrored surface area, avoid the layered result and use mirrors from floor to ceiling. There are several methods to produce this result, yet a certain favorite is to utilize mirrored “ceramic tiles” (items of supply mirror cut right into tile-size pieces for less complicated handling as well as an one-of-a-kind appearance).

Works finest with: All designs.

Pros: Floor-to-ceiling mirror ceramic tiles make a room really feel deeper by providing the illusion of space. With each other, they could likewise function as a full-length dressing mirror. Mirror ceramic tiles can be found in numerous shades as well as can produce a stylish ornamental feature.

Disadvantages: Mirror ceramic tiles could be difficult to clean, and they are pricey to get as well as mount. They are likewise tough to replace if they obtain damaged.

Built-in medicine cabinet

Built-in medicine cabinet
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Need more storage yet do not have a lot of floor area? Built-in medicine closets with mirrors are a sensible option.

These are usually best built as well as set up by a cabinetmaker or proficient tradesperson. Customized remedies could provide the very best use of space as well as can also consist of alternatives such as electrical outlets, billing ports, and fixed or adjustable shelving.

Several supply medication cabinets could additionally be built in and also set up by DIYers, but relying on the dimensions, the mounting inside the wall surface may have to be moved.

Functions best with: Contemporary, modern-day, transitional, diverse as well as transitional designs.

Pros: This is reliable storage that does not impact room space, keeps counter tops clutter-free and also places most-used items close to the sink. There are additionally options such as outlets as well as charging ports.

Cons: The material as well as installation are usually pricey.

Multiple Bathroom Mirror

Multiple mirrors
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Setting up several mirrors is an excellent means to spruce up a normal bathroom, and to display family treasures or incredible antique finds.

Mirrors could have a big effect on a room without the durability of tile or taps. A great circumstance for making use of multiple mirrors would certainly be if you are concerned regarding resale (whether in the short or long-term), and you wish to individualize the room without placing in much more long-term individual touches such as unique or fancy floor tile.

Just make certain you secure your mirrors truly well, preferably right into studs. If studs aren’t available, make certain the anchors used in the wall surface could sustain the weight of the mirror (drywall doesn’t have the honesty to hold a lot of weight, specifically with time). If required, call a service provider to hang your mirrors to earn sure they are protected.

Works ideal with: Eclectic and also farmhouse designs.

Pros: This is an attractive, enjoyable way to display artistic or antique mirrors, and also it can be a Do It Yourself installment.

Cons: It’s not a functional way to obtain a complete view, and also the mirrors are possibly more challenging to cleanse, depending upon the designs.

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