CELESTRON 127EQ POWERSEEKER TELESCOPE – This is a low priced telescope that comes with a lot of options and styles, focusing more on providing value for the money than a behemoth with power.

It has 3x Barlow lens to accurately zoom in without blurring the image while coming with a quality German Equatorial mount. This isn’t your usual throwaway mount that comes with cheap products, but one that is worth its weight in gold.

With a 127mm aperture and 1000mm focal length it does pretty well for range and power and will be able to keep up with the most avid of users.


This is a very professional looking telescope, and it comes in several refractor styles and a couple of Newtonian styles. Available stylings are 114EQ Newtonian, 127EQ Newtonian, 60EQ Refractor, 70EQ Refractor and 80EQ Refractor.

It offers an insane amount of options for the same low price, so for buyers interested in this model that are looking for something specific, they can narrow it down a lot better than with other models.

This is a very attractive feature of a telescope this low cost, and is one of the reasons it is a hot product. Don’t expect too many brands to offer this many options on a single model.


Because of the many stylings available, this is recommended for all levels. Experts will most likely use it as a backup, a very reliable one at that. There aren’t too many options to mess around with when compared to a reflecting telescope, so it’s easy enough for beginners to learn.

And since it comes in Newtonian stylings as well, experts will have a better shot of making it a reliable backup telescope within their collection. Because of some of the limitations of the setup there are some things that you will miss out in terms of deep space detail, but this is a really good scope when you keep it within the ranges that the setup is comfortable with.


As a refractor telescope it has pretty good durability, although it is nothing special. The tube itself is solid with the entire telescope weighing in at 21.4 pounds.

Although it won’t win any rewards for being a rock solid scope it will do the job and take a beating here and there. But for durability purposes look no further than the German Equatorial mount that you could literally put a tank on top of.

This is as sturdy a mount as you’re going to get for such a low price, and if you just happen to have another compatible scope that fits, it will be a dream buy.


The price is a big pro, there aren’t many quality telescopes that are at this current price. Add in the fact that it comes in several different stylings and you’re going to have a pretty interesting choice to make depending on what type of stargazing you want to do. The stylings go up and down a bit in price, but are all still in the low price range.

If you factor in the mount that alone is worth half the price they are asking for. Power is pretty decent for this size, so that can be thrown in as a nice plus when compared to other scopes of the same price.


It’s not as powerful as some scopes in its range. The power isn’t bad at all, but it is lacking. In the package that they are offering with the mount and the telescope, the telescope should be the star.

In this case, the best part of the deal is the mount, with the telescope taking a firm second. The Barlow lens helps with some of the power issues but not to the point where it will be a game changer. With an included accessory tray being a bit smaller than expected, it doesn’t really add value in that department as an add-on.


Expect to get great power from the 3x Barlow lens that will greatly improve the average power of the scope. These are high quality pieces that were a necessity to include due to the general low power of the system.

The often mentioned German Equatorial mount with aluminum tripod and accessory tray will leave you wanting all of your mounts to be this quality. The only let down is the accessory tray, but that is due to size and not quality. Included software in the package is “The Sky” level 1 planetarium software and a 10,000 object database.


You’re getting plenty for your money, and this would still be a pretty solid deal even without the mount. The mount makes this package, so don’t think for a second that it isn’t the star.

There is a good amount of software and accessories bundled in with this package that may be useful in other kits if this turns out to not be your main scope. This is one set that is not going to be available from many brands due to how much you’re getting.

Now to be fair it is easier to package due to the quality of the scope, but throwing in a mount of this type is a pretty good deal.


This has immediate usefulness for a beginner and intermediate user. Anything beyond that and it is a backup scope since it doesn’t have the necessary power to really compete at the higher levels.

A bit more power and it could have sneaked into the expert range, but it would still be lacking valuable features and adjustments of the higher priced scopes. In its current state it may even be advisable for intermediate buyers to look at the next tier in Celestron’s lineup if they plan on being serious about the hobby.

If just going by the 10,000 object and image database that is about a year of usage before you’d be manually searching for things on your own.


Currently none in the industry, at least not with this type of deal and at this price. This is what makes it so special, since it can pretty much stand alone at this price point and with these accessories.

A good amount of thought went into the marketing of the product so it is pretty easy to see where their money went. There are other brands that have a mount of this quality with an average scope but fail to meet the submitted price of the 127EQ.

If you’re willing to spend a little more money you can get the same quality mount and a better reflecting telescope, but that little more money is the sum of about $100. It’s a balancing act that so far Celestron is winning.


With no direct competitor for this product things are going pretty easily for Celestron. This may not be an all-powerful scope but it excels at being a beginning choice that can hold some intermediate stargazing sessions.

This may not be the scope you keep with you for life, but it will have a good long lasting value and a special place in your heart. But don’t be surprised if other competitors finally wise up and start offering a similar package. This one is a winner, and a bargain at the current price.

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