5 Colors for a Romantic Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day right around the bend, it’s a great time to revisit a previous piece on colors that help bring romantic ambience to a bedroom. That tale was among one of the most prominent of 2018, but many visitors took issue with several of the shade selections.

Based upon readers’ feedback, then, below are a few more romantic shades to consider.

Glowing Oranges – Colors for a Romantic Bedroom

Glowing oranges
Melody Jurick Designs, LLC

Several viewers strongly differed with the choice of caramel as a romance-inducing shade in the previous story. It was included in the mix as a result of a study conducted in the U.K. in which participants with caramel-colored bedrooms declared to have the most sex. For those who stated caramel was “as well brown” for them, possibly orange is a choice.

Several of you, in fact, commented that a cozy orange is your best hue to develop an amorous ambiance in your bedroom. While the first bedroom envisioned has an orange wall shade with an excellent bit of yellow in it, the orange wall surface in the second bedroom drifts closer to red. Both shades are cozy and delicious options to sugar.

Orange paint colors to attempt: Indian Paint Brush from Behr or Honeybell from Benjamin Moore.

Orange paint colors
Jennifer Ott Design

Pretty Plums And Purples

Pretty plums and purples
Kimberley Development Corporation

Various other romance-inducing tones stated by visitors are tones of plum and purple. These enticing hues have a relaxing, soothing top quality to them. If you choose a darker shade, such as the colors revealed above as well as at left, include some contrasting light colors and items with a great little bit of sheen to maintain the vibe romantic and also not gloomy.

Pretty plums and purples
Artistic Interior Design/Amy N. Lee, ASID

Purple paint shades to try: Pelt from Farrow & Ball or Timber Violet from Sherwin-Williams.

Purple paint colors
Jennifer Ott Design

Deep Blues – Colors for a Romantic Bedroom

Deep blues
The New Design Project

While a lot of you specified a preference for warm shades to produce an intimate and also inviting environment in your bedroom, several piped approximately claim deep blues are favorites. The saturated blues made use of above as well as at left might feel as well cool for those living in cold climates, but if the weather condition is warm or moderate where you live, you can get away with great shades like these in the bedroom.

Deep blues
Shanade McAllister-Fisher Interior Design

Blue paint shades to try: Dark Secret from Kelly-Moore or Smoke Blue from PPG Pittsburgh Paints.

Blue paint colors
Jennifer Ott Design

Tantalizing Teals

Tantalizing teals
Alair Homes Edmonton

I was pleased to see a few shout-outs for teal as a romantic bedroom color. I like this vibrant blue-green crossbreed because I believe it includes a little unexpected zing to a bedroom without being also high-energy. It’s an extreme color on all 4 wall surfaces, so think of utilizing it for accents only, as in the bedroom over, or restrict the color to the head board wall surface just, as shown at left. It’s the perfect ruptured of spirited shade in or else neutral areas.

Tantalizing teals 2
Wallmark Custom Homes

Teal paint shades to attempt: Peacock Tail from Behr or Night Scape from Valspar.

Teal paint colors
Jennifer Ott Design

Earthy Browns – Colors for a Romantic Bedroom

Earthy browns
Gary McBournie Inc

An additional favored stated quite often is rich, warm shades of brownish. As a neutral, brown can be called upon to serve as a history color to other zestier colors, such as the accents of orange in the photo over as well as the coral reefs shade of the chair in the bedroom at left. Just like the dark purple and plum shades, though, you want to balance dark brown with white or beige aspects so the color pattern does not really feel too heavy.

Earthy browns 2
Tai Ping Carpets

Brownish paint colors to try: Coffeehouse Chocolate from Benjamin Moore or Sable from Sherwin-Williams.

Brown paint colors
Jennifer Ott Design

Obviously you could likewise inject abundant brown tones around your bedroom via the charitable use of wood elements. The wood-clad wall surfaces and also ceiling in this bedroom truly amp up the comfortable and romantic ambiance.

Brown paint colors
Jennifer Robin Interiors

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