111 New Kitchen Cabinet Ideas You’ll See More of This Year

If you’re aiming to upgrade your kitchen design for the new year with something various, you might consider remodeling your cabinets. These new cupboard concepts will likely be showing up more in 2018, but I’m wagering you’ll be seeing them around for many years to find.

Embossed Fronts

Embossed fronts 1
Myrica Bergqvist Interior Stylist/Decorator

While we may think of modern design cupboards as having minimalist flat-front doors and cabinets, lots of companies now are generating fun variations with printed patterns, including a sense of texture and character while still keeping a modern sensibility.

You can select simple direct grooves, like the previous instance, or an enjoyable geometric shape like this lovely fish scale pattern.

Embossed fronts 2
Sustainable Kitchens

Embossed cabinet doors look especially terrific in a dark, glossy finish, with reflected light capturing the pattern as well as making it pop.

Jewel Tones Kitchen Cabinet

Jewel tones 1
Terracotta Studio

Speaking of dark shades, after a lot of years of white kitchens being the dominant look, we’re absolutely discovering that increasingly more people are now deciding to use rich, deep hues, with jewel tones being specifically preferred.

Jewel tones 2
Sandra Fox Interiors

Classic gem tones like purple, sapphire as well as emerald present an unmissable dosage of shade to shake up the all-white mold. They feel advanced and also timelessly glamorous, making them a more secure long-lasting selection compared to, claim, bright orange or stylish pink.

Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Transitional Kitchen

For those who want a little color in the kitchen but not such a glowing tone as gem purples, a soft, friendly blue is an additional timeless choice. Yet recently, we’ve had a lot more clients seeking this color compared to ever before.

Mesh Inserts

Mesh inserts 1
Cronk Duch Architecture

Glass door closets and open racks remain to be prominent ways to make a kitchen seem more open and also airy, however many home owners favor to keep their storage space a little bit a lot more distinct behind closed doors.

Steel mesh inserts are a terrific happy medium, giving a slight peek at just what’s inside the closet however without placing your stored goods on complete display screen.

I have actually used mesh inserts instead of glass on several current projects. It functions beautifully in both typical residences and also modern designs with some transitional panache, bringing a minor feeling of old-world appeal.

Mesh inserts 2
JWT Associates

Take into consideration making use of mesh inserts on the “upper-upper” cabinets in a high room on a complete cupboard wall …

Mesh inserts 3
Contemporary Kitchen

… or on a solitary cabinet at a certain terminal like a mixing facility or coffee shop.

Metallics Kitchen Cabinet

Metallics Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

For those homeowners who like the crisp, commercial charm of steel, why quit at the appliances? Consider bringing that “chef’s kitchen” vibe to your entire set of closets.

Metallics Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Stainless steel door as well as drawer fronts give an amazing, ready-to-work seek to your cabinets, for major house chefs or simply fans of industrial-style kitchens.

For those who locate that steel looks a bit also chilly, there are likewise numerous effects inspired by gold, brass or bronze. These could be produced with foil finishes and various other methods that offer a metallic shimmer for a Midas touch kitchen appearance.

Metallics Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Corian Design UK

You can opt for a much more matte aluminum foil surface, like the previous instance, or an extremely reflective metal variation such as this glam modern-day kitchen.

Regardless, your cupboards will definitely attract attention and bring a cozy glow to your kitchen from sunrise to sunset.

Metallics Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Angus Pigott Photography

Remember, of course, that glossier coatings will show finger prints quicker, so you’ll need to decide whether the appearance deserves the extra upkeep.

High Gloss In Dark Tones

High gloss in dark tones
Lupe Clemente Fotografía

Metal isn’t the only surface that can bring a glossy luster to a kitchen. Lacquered or lacquer-look cabinets are an effective option, and also lots of vendors at every level currently use high-sheen closets. In a murky tone like a charcoal grey, the deep, mirror-like look becomes even more recognizable.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
NICHE home styling

Is grey the new white? It’s tough to state for certain, but also for those who such as a light and airy look however are tired of white, a luxurious gray or gray-beige is the next ideal point.

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
Royalty Construction

Initially idea, you may expect grey to seem cool as well as off-putting. Nonetheless, as you can see in these examples, a wide variety of tones, from charcoal to clay to just-off-white, make an outstanding enhance to timber floors or shelves for a welcoming scheme that feels anything yet cool.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors
Glassworks Studio – Custom Glass

Barn-style doors on a gliding track have actually ended up being a popular choice for indoor doors, both as a functional remedy in tight rooms and as a style declaration. Now they’re starting to pop up increasingly more in kitchen closets as a fun means to create a gallery-case appearance.

A moving door on a collection of uppers incorporates the allure of open shelves with the cleanliness of a classic door cabinet, as well as it operates in farmhouse style cooking areas as well as modern areas alike. And also, not having to swing a door open as well as shut will certainly make your kitchen feel simply a bit larger, and it makes a world of distinction when 2 chefs are in the kitchen.

Two-tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinets 1

Throughout this post you can locate numerous examples of two-tone cabinets, which feature upper and reduced cabinets in different shades. Below’s a spin that takes the suggestion to one more degree: utilizing two-tone doors on individual cabinets. For example, this breezy kitchen makes use of a single row of timber drawer overlook otherwise white cabinets to obtain just a little touch of all-natural passion as well as an enjoyable personality.

This suggestion is a great one to consider for people who intend to offer cabinets a little update yet not a full overhaul. You can swap out a couple of drawers or doors and leave the remaining ones as is to get an unique mix.

Two-tone cabinets 2
Porterouge Interiors \ Krasnye Vorota

At the same time, if you have wood cabinets and wish to refurbish the look without completely getting rid of the timber, take into consideration having several of the door or drawer fronts paintinged while leaving some wood aspects staying, to get the very best of both globes.

Mixing Modern And Traditional Styles

Mixing modern and traditional styles 1
Porterouge Interiors \ Krasnye Vorota

Speaking of not wanting to choose, lots of property owners and renovators are determining not to select only modern-day or typical cupboards. Rather they’re making use of a mix of both to develop rooms that are rich with inviting personality while looking existing and also fascinating.

Mixing modern and traditional styles 2
Hurst Design Build Remodeling

This kitchen, as an example, makes use of crisp white typical cabinet and door overlook the lower closets as well as flat, glossy top doors in a collaborating taupe-hued off-white for an inconsonant style that collaborates perfectly.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas
DEKORA Staging Inc

Ultimately, let’s end on strong black: the supreme punctuation mark in interior design. While black can seem gothic and also harsh, when used to dress a wall of kitchen cabinets, and stabilized with a few components of crisp white, raw black makes for an advanced statement.

While black is barely new, we do locate a growing number of clients being vibrant and asking to consist of some components of black to bring a majestic appeal to their kitchen, especially when made use of as part of a two-tone appearance.

Using black on the lower cupboards, or a pantry area, coupled with black entrance doors as well as some modern-day black fixtures offers an area an easy, fashionable look.

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