15 Feminine One Bedroom Apartment Design In Sweden

Lovely feminine apartment in sweden 12

This feminine apartment with a large balcony and nicely preserved tiled floor, stucco, ceiling medallions, beautiful woodwork is set on the second floor of an old building. The spacious living room with white painted tiled floor and light gray walls with enough space for a workplace. Two large windows let the light in from the … Read more

Impeccable Style – 11 Designer Shirley Meisels

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Known for her unique aesthetic the principal designer of Toronto-based firm MHouse Shirley Meisels had worked for 13 years as a stylist for television shows and magazines. In the interview for the Globe she shared some secrets behind her style. “Lighting is like jewellery – the finishing touch. I like to make ceiling fixtures a focal point and often … Read more

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines – HAWT

Parts of windt turbines

Horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWT) have the main rotor shaft and electrical generator at the top of a tower, and may be pointed into or out of the wind. Small turbines are pointed by a simple wind vane, while large turbines generally use a wind sensor coupled with a servo motor. Most have a gearbox, which turns … Read more

Steam Turbines

Schematic diagram of parson type steam turbine

The steam turbine is a type of impulse reaction turbine which converts the thermal energy into mechanical energy. The history of this turbine goes back to the first century but Sir Charles Parsons invest the modern manifestation of the steam engine in 1884. This turbine has applications in transport mediums which use steam engines like trains and ships … Read more

Types of Steam Turbines

Extraction steam turbine

All steam turbines can be classified into two categories; extraction (condensing) steam turbine and non-condensing steam turbine also known as back pressure steam turbines.  Both of these steam turbine types have their own operating schemes and benefits which are described here in detail. Extraction Steam Turbine The extraction turbine contains two outlets as shown in … Read more

Steam Turbine Efficiency

Blade efficiency impulse reaction steam turbine

The efficiency of any turbine or engine can be defined as its ability to convert the input energy into useful output energy which is expressed in the form of the following equation. Efficiency (ɳ) = Output / Input An ideal turbine with 100% efficiency is the one which converts all its input energy into output work without dissipating … Read more

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines

A wind turbine is a gadget creates electrical energy by changing the wind’s kinetic energy. Wind turbines are designed in an extensive variety of horizontal and vertical shaft. The littlest turbines are utilized for applications, for example, battery charging for caravans or boats or to supply power to traffic signals. Somewhat bigger turbines can be … Read more

VY Canis Majoris

Vy canis majoris

VY CANIS MAJORIS – One of the most popular red hypergiants in the galaxy is the VY Canis Majoris found in the constellation Canis Major. Discovered in 1801 by Jerome Lalande, it was listed at the time as a 7th magnitude star. The really disappointing fact about Canis Majoris is that it has been dying … Read more

Jupiter Through A Telescope


JUPITER THROUGH A TELESCOPE – With all of the great planets that you can look at through your brand new telescope, one of the most popular ones is probably going to be Jupiter. Even the rings of Saturn pale in comparison to the popularity that is known as one of the most interesting planets in our … Read more

Who Invented The Telescope?

Telescope invention

Telescope History In this often debated question there are many answers and controversies within the astronomy community. So what is the history of the telescope and who was the creator? Although Galileo Galilei gets credit from some sources for creating the telescope, he wasn’t the creator at all. He was the first to use a telescope, … Read more